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Hi! I am Tanya.

I love sunsets, picnics, tea, meaningful conversations and absolutely anything and everything to do with babies, toddlers and children. However, what truly sparks passion in me is seeing communities and people doing and becoming all that God has intended for them. I find deep satisfaction in making meaningful connections with people and then nurturing these relationships as well as  admiring when people thrive in the environments God has placed them in. All of this has drawn me to mission work whilst using my training as an occupational therapist.


I am working  with the Zambia Project, based in Mongu, Zambia. Mostly, I working in their Village of Hope which consists of a malnourishment centre, orphanages and a school. The primary purpose of this website is to give information and updates about the work I do to people partnering with me . If you have more questions take a look at the FAQ section or my first blog post.

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