November Update

Hi friend!

How are you doing? Do you enjoy rain weather? I love it!! It is my all time favourite. We have had our first rains and thunderstorms in Mongu. In fact, as I write this, it is raining and I can hear the thunder in the distance. This weather calls for pancakes, soup and sitting outside enjoying every moment. Rain also brings cloudy skies which, in turn, make for the BEST sunsets.

We are growing

The amount of children on our therapy program have almost doubled since I have returned back to Mongu. We are so happy! We love that we get to reach more children and more families.

This is Dorcus, one of the newest admissions onto our therapy programme. In this picture we are using sandbags to stretch her legs (her knees can't go straight anymore). She is also using this puzzle to practice picking up smaller things up with her hands.

Home Visits

Home visits are a key part of how we care for the children on our program. Some children are too heavy for their parents to carry them from their homes to our play room at VOH so home visits are the only way that we can care for these children. During home visits we observe the family and the conditions that the child live in. When we observe challenges we try our best to support the family and/or provide information that will be useful. I captured a lovely picture of Bo Connie showing a father how he can hold his child in a way that will help the child's stiff body to relax.

First Workshop Complete

Our first group of mothers have completed our two-week workshop on "Caring for children who have Cerebral Palsy." I am proud of them for showing up every day ready to learn. I am thankful that we can see the attendees applying the information at home and also that they have found a support network in each other. 👭👭 We will be doing these workshops regularly. We have one scheduled for the end of November. This workshop will be a milestone as the majority of the lessons will be presented by a volunteer who is a mother to a child with cerebral palsy.

Class of 2020 Graduation

We had the privilege of celebrating VOH school's first grade 12 class - the class of 2020. 🎇🎉 The students have demonstrated resilience and have overcome many challenges to achieve this huge milestone. For many of the students they are the first generation of matriculants in their family. That is a HUGE achievement.

Sponsor a child's education

The students in our VOH school have come from vulnerable conditions. At VOH school they receive a sponsored education which allows them to learn, get meals at school, access our clinic's healthcare services. They are discipled and they are provided with opportunities develop their talents - at no financial cost to them or their family. We believe that the students have a bright, hope-filled future and that they have a God-given potential to change the segment of society over which God gives them influence. Personally, I believe that supporting education is a great way to invest into a young person's life. That is why I sponsor a child at VOH school. If this is something you are interested in click here. Here are the pictures of Bwime and Ester, two of the many children who are still in need of sponsors.

Devoted Citizen - also a bit of a book review :)

We have started a sermon series, called 'Devoted Citizen' at Hope Church Mongu. I am loving it!! Basically it challenges us to make positive contributions to our communities but also to the country we find ourselves living. Importantly it is challenging us to leave behind a better world for the generations to follow us. That in turn leads us to look at the way we handle finances, public property and our environment.

I encourage you to watch the 25min sermons here:

and here:

In response to this series the church is launching a clean-up Mongu campaign. We will be distributing bins around Mongu and this coming Saturday we are meeting to pick up trash.

The series is based on Pastor Chris Matabula's book with the same title. I highlighted a good number of sentences in the book. The book is a good read because it challenges you to think about an important topic that is not often spoken about. It addresses the question: "What does God what our attitudes to be towards our country, it's leaders and the people living it. It's not one of my all time favourites for personal reading however, I think it will be a great resource for small groups because I am almost sure it will challenge that small group to come together and make a difference in their community.

Until next month!

It brings me a lot of joy to reflect on everything that God is doing. Thank you for your part in it all. In closing I have some news... I will be writing the next newsletter from sunny South Africa. I highly doubted whether I will be able to see my family over December time ✨. However, things have worked out well and I will be in good old Benoni for the most of December. I am looking forward to many catch up chats over cups of tea . May your November be pleasant and productive! With much love and joy 🌻

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