June's over...Julying! - Update June 2020

Hi friends :)

So... June has come to an end. I'm a bit shell shocked that we are halfway through the year. I can honestly say that this has been one of the happiest months for me since arriving. I am grateful to say I am (finally) starting to find my feet.

Finding a new rhythm

Things have not yet returned to how they were before the pandemic. However some things that were paused, have started up again. The exam students (Grades 7, 9 and 12) have returned back to school. All the rest of the children are still on holiday, so playing is still a large part of my day. In the pictures, you can see the ramps that are being built to play cars on. The cars start on the top of the ramp and have to fall into a bucket at the bottom. Maybe we have some future engineers in our midst? The second picture shows another beautiful creation from the mud kitchen. This creation is special because they made pink tea out of hibiscus flowers.

I have also started seeing the children with disabilities from the community once a week (about 20 in total). A big focus for me is to teach the caregivers everything they need to know about disabilities, so that with time they are not dependent on therapists to know what to do to help their child's body. Below is a picture of a boy that I was happy to see again after 3 months. His arms are strong but his legs are weak so they cannot fully support his body weight. He is able to walk if he is holding onto something. Here we are working on his balance reactions. He LOVED being in this "swing" and didn't want to leave!

In other news:


The weather has been cooler, but not nearly as cold as was it is in South Africa. Our maximum temperatures every day are more that 25 degree. I'm still indulging in the beautiful sunsets!

Vegetable Gardening

It's the middle of cold season here and everyone seems to be starting vegetable gardens ( goes to show that it really isn't that cold). I too have decided to jump on that bandwagon and start a vegetable garden. I have sweetcorn, pumpkin, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, bush beans, marrows and watermelon. Watch this space :)!

Some reflective thoughts

A quote I say often is "your comfort zone is a lovely place but nothing growths there." It a great quote, but it stings when you are in a space of growth.

It was a Saturday morning. Instead of "Seize the day!", my first thought was "What were you thinking coming here?". I am working on sitting with my emotions instead of brushing them aside. I responded "Great question. Lets thinks back to what you were thinking."

I am out of my comfort zone in so many aspects of my life. I was SO comfortable last year. So very comfortable. There is not one aspect of my life that has not changed in 2020. New work, colleagues, church, culture, language and home. My support structure back home is still the same but they are very far away. What would 2020 have looked like for me if I chose to stay in my happy comfortable life?

I realised I would have been happy on the outside but dissatisfied on the inside. I am starting to find that true satisfaction and deep joy comes from obeying the calling that God has on your life. I want joy, not comfort! So here is to growth! I want to have the attitude of this boy when taking on something that I might consider to big for me to handle :)


God has been really good to me and He is continuing to bless the project. We have recently celebrated a huge milestone of having planted 100 churches! It's humbling to be part of something greater than myself.

  • We are still praying for a new kids church building, currently the children have nowhere to meet (however currently we are not meeting).

  • We are also praying for sponsors for the the children in our school. You can find out more here.

  • I have been here on a temporary work permit. Next month I need to get a permanent work permit. I pray that everything goes well. Typically they prefer you to be out of the country when applying. However travel at the moment is not the easiest. Please pray that everything goes smoothly!

Thank you for your love and support! I mean that honestly and sincerely. Let's continue keeping each other in our prayers :)!

Until next time... !

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