Happy 2022!

Hi friend!

Happy new year! I hope that you have had a good and productive start to 2022. I was in South Africa over December to meet up with some people and also rest a bit. It was so nice to be able to spend time with friends and family.

When I arrived back in Zambia we had some visitors! Paul and Marinette van Coller lived in Mongu for 10 years with their sons, Seth & Nathan. They are the Founders & Leaders of The Zambia Project. They lived in are now based in George, South Africa, where they started & lead Hope Church and ARC Southern Africa. Natashja Kitching runs our Head Office from Hope Church George. Her husband Mornè and their children, Tristan and Amber all love Mongu. It was great getting to know them all better.

Launch of mobile therapy

We have made our special-needs program more accessible! As children with physical disabilities get older, they are usually to heavy to carry to a place where they can get help. In response to this challenge we worked with some parents of special needs children in the community to launch a community-based, volunteer-and-parent-led, mobile therapy program. We are so happy that we can offer support to more families who have special needs children. Here are some of the new faces we have had the privilege of meeting.

A fully parent-facilitator led cerebral palsy workshop.

Our first workshop for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy in 2022 was fully presented by two parent-to-parent facilitators. This means that parents of children with cerebral palsy are equipping other caregivers of children with cerebral palsy with information on how they can manage the condition in everyday life. It was very well received. My personal highlight is that we were able to take the participants to attend Hope Church Mongu on Sunday and also show them the Jesus film in seLozi later that afternoon.

The close runner up for my favourite highlight is when these two children spent the afternoon laughing together while their parents were attending lessons.

Sitting and Walking

I love celebrating milestones with families who have waited years to see them. Recently Muzala started sitting by herself and Shwana walked by himself for the first time using a rollator.

Village Ministry

I love that the vision of the Zambia Project is so much bigger than the work we do in Mongu. This big-picture focus is largely thanks to village ministry. This ministry has got incredible, local, godly leaders who are passionate about seeing the gospel reach every area of western Zambia. They focus on church planting and then work with the leaders of these local churches to strategically plant more churches. These pictures are from a recent trip to the area of Mitete where the local leaders met to plan the year. Don't you just love the branded ox-wagon? During rain season many places are not accessible by car, then ox-wagons and boats become a crucial mode of transport. We do it all so that others may live!

Until next month! :)

The start of the year has been full of little developments that make me so excited for the year ahead. I am looking forward to some new developments and working together with fantastic people in Mongu's community. I am wishing you all the best for 2022. With much love and joy 🌻 , Tanya P.S. I made meringues for the first time! They were so yummy. I am very proud of myself and I would love to brag, but unfortunately they didn't survive long enough for me to take a picture. Oh well!! I will simply have to do so again so that I can gather pictural evidence.

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